Friday, August 5, 2011

Using El Wire In Outfits

You might not know what el wire is, but you've probably seen it before. Thin, long lights that can be sewn on to jackets, hats, or entire outfits. It looks like this:

So what can you do with it?
Accent corners (such as the hems of hats, the curve of goggles, helmets), costume hems and seams (like the bottom of a skirt), jutting shapes (like the collar of a jacket), or create designs in the center of outfits (such as luminescent images). You can even light up a whole outfit by creating rows of el wire.

Some various ideas on how to use El Wire.

Where can you get it?
Online here:
Or here:
Buy Local Here:

More about El Wire:

Some more ideas:

El Wire dress by Diana Eng

Design by

Wings By

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Body Paint

Stunning body art wings By Mimsy

From 2008 Decompression.

Wonder Woman

Awesome ensemble by Domiknitrix for 2008's American Dream Theme. A true WW enthusiast and talented maker. The WW tattoo is real.

The Look:
Gold & Red Metallic Tube Top
Blue Star-print Hot Pants
Knee-high Red / White Pleather Boots
All-American Bicycle
Seriously Dedicated Tat

The Ball Room

For children of all ages.

The Look:

The Pink Couple

I sorta want to date them.

The Look:
Pink Leg Warmers Over Stilettos (or Stilts?)
Pink Antennae
Electrical Tape Pasties
Fuzzy Pink Bicycle
Pink Hair

BBFB: By Burners For Burners

Want to buy your gear instead of making it? Here are some talented makers who are also, themselves, burners.

Bunny Warez
- Kitty ears, ninja bunnies, bat jammies and more. O my.

Miranda Caroligne
- The master of re-use and sustainable fleece. Dresses, etc.

Wild on the Inside - Fur, fur and more fur.

Organic Armor - Welded wonders for your hawt body.

The Fancy Shop of Important Things - Pimp your hat.

Know some more? Post a comment!


This is my first year attending Burning Man and I may not know what the hell I'm talking about. I started this blog because I've been a Bay Area / Berlin-based costumer for about 12 years now and I've always loved burning man style (yes, I realize this term is dubious and will elegantly duck away from defining what the hell that means at this juncture). I feel like it deserves its own place on the web among the myriad of *yawn* boring style blogs (yes, we know, the little black dress is a look that never dies. Can we move on now?) and have created this blog as a platform to share images, ideas and experiences.

While not officially yet a burner, I started out as a wingmaker (you can see some of my old work at but have amassed a small army of costumes of various kinds over the years. I've displayed at Maker Faire, Prepare for the Playa, and similar events where Burning Man style is loved and appreciated, and these events have always helped me to learn and grow as a maker. I'd like this blog to serve a similar purpose, helping and inspiring makers as opposed to entertaining the gawkers and tourists.

If you have ideas for tutorials, recommendations for images, and so on please post them! Guest bloggers and burners are always welcomed!